Good Book

"Dynamic HTML, The Definitive Reference" by Danny Goodman, O'Reilly.

Good Book

"PHP and MySQL Web Development" by Welling and Thomson, Sams Publishing.

Good Book

"More Effective C++" by Scott Meyers, Addison-Wesley.


Did you know that the world's largest exporter of cat skins is the U.S.?

Good Book

"Color Index" by Jim Krause, HOW Design Books.


Quarium, Inc. was founded on July 7th 1995 in Foster City, California.


Quarium was founded in 1995 as a California Corporation. We have grown consistently over the years but we have remained fully private and self-funded. Most of our customers are large publishers of online content and applications. We are interested in establishing strategic alliances with publishers and are actively seeking investment for our projects.

We operate on the studio model: Our projects are funded entities operating on business plans that return income and that can be spun off as separate properties. Our objectives are the same as those of potential investors: To generate an attractive return on the financial, time and resource investments we make.

We currently have several opportunities we can discuss in more detail with interested parties. We are inviting publishers and investors to contact us for more details.