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Good Book

"UNIX Network Programming" by W. Richard Stevens, Prentice Hall.

Good Book

"Developing International Software" by Nadine Kano, Microsoft Press.


Quarium, Inc. was founded on July 7th 1995 in Foster City, California.


We have current openings for senior C++ or Java programmers, senior ASP or JSP web developers senior 2D or 3D artists and technical writers with experience in the game or e-commerce industries. Send resumes of no more than two pages, or better yet send us a link to your linkedin, facebook or myspace pages.

Principals only please. We do not hire through placement agencies or websites. We like to see portfolios or get referrals from people we work with. We check references. We do not post specific job openings, so tell us what you can bring to the party. Our work includes intensive contacts with our publisher customers and we require professional business-like behavior but do not wear suits (this is California after all). We do not 'staff up', we 'hand pick'.

Our employment contracts include national holidays plus 10 days paid time off. We offer the usual Silicon Valley benefits. We work hard on cutting-edge stuff with the best in the business. Our work offers lots of variation and many opportunities for learning new skills, for bonusses and for career networking. Opportunities for telecommuting exist.

Quarium is an equal opportunity employer. We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, harassment, drug use and other illegal activities in the workplace.